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Welcome to the NX Ohio Wiki!

NX Ohio Render.jpg

Here you will find all the links, photos, and resources to the vessel.

SO, I hear from the birds that you have a race you are thinking of working on but are not sure if a sim will accept it in it's current condition. Well, my friend, there IS a place for your race! Nice little rhyme there, ain't it? May I introduce you to Star Trek: Ohio. A simulation that is ALL about custom built races, empires, and all around peoples. In game, you will have a chance to introduce and refine your race to it's maximum potential. With our patented Make-A-Bio(TM)* you increase your chances of fleshing out your species to top notch work. You can contribute to the game in two ways. One: Start off now as crew member to the NX Ohio and find yourself flung into another galaxy. Two: BE the species we encounter in the new galaxy. Hell, if you wanted to come on board after we interact with your species/organization/federation/whatever you will be welcomed with open arms. Interested? Contact us at SimCentral accept the rules, click on #join-a-game then click Ohio to find out site.  We look forward to meeting you! For those already apart of SimCentral, you can simply click here for our Discord. https://discord.gg/eStA224xeG

Deck Plans:

Deck 1

Deck 2 -Crew Quarters start counter clockwise. Hansen's is assigned to the CO and XO. The Unoccupied has been assigned to Cael Maz. Quarters with two beds bottom right: Unassigned. Quarters with two beds at three oclock: Unassigned. Quarters with single bed is assigned to Echo Teig.

Deck 3

Deck 4

Ships internal photos and hard copies of deck plans can be found here.

Iconian Slipstream Drive

The Iconian Slipstream Drive is what propels the NX Ohio. It's singularity core, borrowed Romulan tech, has provided the power to drive the Slipstream drive forward in space. This brings the ship closer to a scale of warp 13.93 in comparison.

Singularity Core

By generating an artificial singularity in it's core, the NX Ohio provides much more power than it needs in normal spatial operations. It's purpose is to power the Iconian Slipstream Drive that is attached to the outer hull of the vessel, much like the science package on the Danube runabout.

Ships Weapons

Foreword Polaron Phaser strip with an arch of 90 degrees.

Aft Polaron Phaser strip with an arch of 120 degrees.

Aft facing Micro-Photon Torpedo launcher with a capacity of three shots fired in a single volley. Total of 55 stored on board.

Play Area

The location in which the sim is based is not your typical area. It is, in fact, located in the Canis Major Galaxy. This is to allow the full on new species interaction for the crew.